Below are some of the games I've made and the roles I have had.


Valhalla Cannon
Role: Producer

Valhalla Cannon was a casual puzzle game where you shoot vikings from a cannon.
This projects challenge was the fact it was a mobile game done with Urho3D, which has no functionality to build to mobile in native.


Role: Producer

Junkships is 4-player local multiplayer death match arena shooter game. Fly with clumsy Junkships and destroy opponents with overpowered weaponry.

This projects challenge was to make a fun, fast paced multiplayer game to Assembly game dev compo. We came in 3rd place. The game can be found on


Bounce Rescue!
Role: Artist/Producer

Bounce Rescue! is an arcade styled puzzle platformer, telling a story about a group of heroes, saving their friends.

This projects challenge was making a multi- platform game with 2 other guys.


Gates Of Horn & Ivory
Role: Sound designer

Gates of Horn and Ivory was a game that I was introduced into when Jeri Haapavuo was looking for help with sound design through Play Finland. I was working at Bitecore at the same time, and decided to help out.

Challenges in this project was to build soundscape to the game, with little to no information of the gameplay itself.