Producer & Camel

Be kind and Love Life

My name is Kim Kupiainen and I’m a Finnish/Moroccon Game Producer from Finland, currently working at Designoid OY and leading the team behind an AI Generalist program BeGood. I have worked as a Producer on multiple game projects including Junkships, Bounce Rescue!, Color, Tag & Survive, and a bunch of prototype games. Including implemented games.

My passion for games started when I was a child sick with cancer. I played Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PS2 and found a lifelong interest in game development and technology. I'd love to continue working with creative, passionate people to make the industry a better place to work in and most of all, create amazing experiences and long-lasting memories for players around the world.

I believe in sharing information and facilitating communication. With right questions, and pipelines we'll get the right results.

Currently I am the chairman of the board at Kajak Games and one of the organizers at IGDA Kajaani. I also work as the speaker manager at Northern Game Summit 




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