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Role: Producer

Junkships is 4-player local multiplayer death match arena shooter game. Fly with clumsy Junkships and destroy opponents with overpowered weaponry.

This projects challenge was to make a fun, fast paced multiplayer game to Assembly game dev compo. We came in 3rd place. The game can be found on

This projects hardships were communicating with outsourced musicians and building a community. Also trying to teach a 3D-based graphical artist pixel art with the designer.

A marriage of Wings + Liero + Hotline Miami. It’s a dog-eat-dog flying death match inside an ongoing Arena battle.

Project Numbers


Project number


Team members

Lessons Learned

Pivoting from original game idea towards a new game concept.
Maintained connection via Discord & Hacknplan.
Everyone did a task point logging task before the start of real development.
Maintained connection and made sure that the design view was understood by the whole team.

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